Wig Case for Professional Salon and Home/Travel Storage

This blog introduces wig case as a good solution for Professional Salon and Home/Travel storage. And what makes it such a good product. We will provide in-depth information on the different types and uses of wig cases.

For Professional Salon Stock Storage:

in professional salons, plenty of wigs are displayed on wig heads, but not every wig will be demonstrated outside. So when it comes to wig storage, what would be the best way to store it?

salon display wig and hair extensions

Depending on Infection Control Requirements and Salon Prohibitions Summary by Minnesota Board of Cosmetologist Examiners:

Disinfected items must be stored in the following ways:

  1. In clean, closed containers
  2. In cupboards or drawers
  3. On a clean towel and covered with a clean cloth towel or clean drape

 Storage containers must have solid sides and lids 

 Plastic or paper bags or sealed wrapping must not be used to store disinfected items unless the item has been sterilized by an autoclave used under the requirements of MN Rule 2105.0377(E).

So I personally recommend this Wignest® wig case for professional salon storage. The solid case helps to keep wigs without dust, drying out, or out of shape. The best thing about this wig storage unit is that it is very simple to use and you will not need such space as wig heads stand. 


Small size can be used for storage hair extensions and brand flyers, and accessories; Medium size with a wig headset inside, can be used for storage lace front wigs or hair toppers.

Wig Box Purse 101

With adjustable ropes that could almost secure all kinds of wigs. No dust or damage will occur when you zip it up. You could tag on the drop tag and attach it on the hand strap to mark out the specific wig or sku. The 11 patterns can also be used to sort out different hair.

Wig Case as Salon Gift

A wig case can be used as a storage container for wigs and is also a good gift to customers.

for professional salons, we provide customized service for your brand, Patterns, logos even shapes can be designed for your need. As a hair brand, this little fancy detail will warm your customers.

Wig Case For Home storage:

Better than just placing your wig in plastic bags or hangers. A sturdy box or travel case that could hold a wig head would be able to anti the crush and keep the wig stay in shape, not even a dent will be caused. No hair sets deformation would be caused. If you clean, brush, and place a hairnet over your wig before putting your hair set into the wig case. It will make things much easier for you when you get it out to wear next time. With the net inside the wig case, you can put some hair tools even. What you have to do, is just place them in the case properly and zip it up!

For Traveling with Wigs and Hair Extensions:

 Outside of the Hair storage box, there is a detachable leather hand strap. When it comes to traveling with wigs.You are able to take it anywhere, anytime. Ultra-portable and durable Eva material, lightweight, and handhold size features of it, make sure it can also be put in a backpack, suitcase, or Computer Bag. When you took the wig out of it, you can also use it as a handbag!

This hair purse will prevent your hair sets from being squeezed inside your luggage with a solid cover. Handleable ensures it only needs a small space to fit in your luggage.

The leather strap promise you can bring them everywhere. Wignest® wig cases are designed like lady purses.

With its exquisite appearance, it looks like a normal cosmetic or jewelry box, which perfectly keeps your beauty secret. It can also be used as a normal storage box for toiletries, jewelry, and belongings.

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