wigcase-storage for hair extensions and wigs

Wig Case-The Best Way to Store Wigs and Hair Extensions

In this blog, you can get an idea of using wig case to better maintain your wigs and hair extensions.

No matter whether you are wearing wigs as hair solutions or you are a cosplay lover, knowing how to store your wig is important. It can be tough to figure out the proper way to store them when you have a large wig or hair set collection.

Hola, Sis, let’s see if this ever occurred to you:

  1. a few days after you replaced a wig, the previous wig becomes dry and out of shape, even if you only wear it for only several times.
  2. you got an amount collection of wigs, and it’s so annoying when you try to dig out which one to match your outfit tonight
  3. when you take your hair extensions out from a wig bag, there’s a dent on your extensions on the hanger spot and you have to fix it?
  4. you try to travel with your wigs, for daily occasions or cosplay, and wigs! are difficult to pack and maintain in your suitcase.
how we usually store wigs and hair extensions
Some wig storage ideas, may cause wigs out of shape or covered in dust.

Trust me, I have been there! Some beautiful wigs that even tangled the second I looked away. I spend years trying to find a solution for wig storage solutions, and now let me introduce you to the best wig& hair sets solutions so far: Wignest® wig case. How would it save your time and energy? Let me show you.

1. Keeps your wigs without dust, dry out or out of shape

The wig case is made of EVA material which means they are sustainable and strong. No hair sets deformation would be caused. You can place the wig case anywhere without considering the shape hair sets will become. If you clean, brush, and place a hairnet over your wig before putting your hair set into the wig case. It will make things much easier for you when you get it out to wear next time. With the net inside the wig case, you can put some hair tools even. What you have to do, is just place them in the case properly and zip it up!

For the aftercare of wigs & hair extensions, please check the blog: Human Hair Wigs Care or Sythenthic Wigs Care

2. Wig stand set? Flexible options

Usually, professional salons will store wigs with wig heads, we might have no such space for every wig, so how to store them without wig heads? Store them in bags or just any box even a Tupperware container? Not bad but what if I wanna keep the wig head shape?

No worries, Hair& Wig storage case is here to solve all that problem. One wonderful thing about wignest® is that you can choose different case sizes or structures depending on your need. Let me introduce the exciting part:

Wignest® has two sizes of wig cases.

small wig case
Small size: 10.5 *6.5 *2.3 inches
This is perfect for hair extensions and accessories or small hair tools
medium Wig Box Purse 108
The medium size: 12 *7 *3 inches
Within you can see a wig head base with adjustable ropes that could almost secure all kinds of wigs

Stored Wigs properly not only can extend the lifetime of your hair set but also will keep them in the perfect state so that you have your best performance on any occasion.

3. No hanger, no indent

I used to use wig hangers as most wig storage bag owners suggest, some wigs of mine, may get their chance only a few times a year, but when I took them out, the long time hanging leaves obvious dents on it, so I have to use styling hot tool again to make the hair natural again, of course, more time needed and more hair will lose in this procedure. For this wig case, when I take the hair out and reveal the net, no dent, it is just the same good wig that I store. Brushing it is all I need, easy and convenient!

4. Wig Case-For Easier Home Storage and Travel

Outside of the Hair storage box, there is a detachable leather hand strap. You are able to take it anywhere, anytime. Ultra-portable and durable Eva material, lightweight, and handhold size features of it, make sure it can also be put in a backpack, suitcase, or Computer Bag. When you took the wig out of it, you can also use it as a handbag!

5. Popular pattern design and easy to sort

For the design, Wignest® really put some effort into it. Rather than a boring suite case look,11 kinds of cute patterns for you to choose from, shiny bling or pure low key, suit yourself! The appearance is just a cute hand case! With the different patterns, you could just sort your different wigs in it, if you have more collections, simply tag it on the drop tag and easy to find the right wig for the day!

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