How to Travel with Wigs and Hair Extensions in A better Way

In this blog, I will share tips, tricks, and suggestions on how to travel with wigs and hair extensions in a better way. I hope you find the following advice helpful as you pack for your travels!

How to Pack Wigs and Hair Extensions for Travel Properly

Traveling with hair sets is not easy. It can be time-consuming, and a hassle at times. But when you have your perfect status on your vacation and look good on capture moments, it’s all worth it. There are some tips for packing wigs and hair extensions properly on the trip:

1. More Wigs, More Options

Different wigs for travel

Bringing along two or three extra wigs to match the occasion and style will give you lots of options for a quick change. This will save you styling time on your trip and make you always look good. You can choose wig style based on your daily outfit or weather.

2. Keep Wigs in Dry and Clean Status

Make sure your wigs are in their best condition while being stored. Wigs and hair extensions should be totally dry, cleaned, and styled. First, you could detangle the knots by using a paddle brush to keep your strands separate and reduces breakage. Secondly, professional quality, lightweight detangling sprays are great for tackling daily tangles, just spritz mid-lengths of your hair to ends and comb through.

3. Wig Products/ Tools that You Might need During Travel

A mini paddle brush and lightweight detangling spray can help you easily detangle hair knots in any case.

Mini paddle wig brush that you could use during travel
Mini paddle wig brush that you could use during travel

Plus rat tail comb helps you separate the hair roots while you get it out.

rat tail wig brush that helps parting your hair
Rat tail wig brush that helps part your hair

A hair net is a small tool that makes a big difference, you could use it to cover the whole wig and extensions with extra hairpieces.

Hairnet to cover your wig
Hairnet to cover your wig

Wig shampoo, and conditioner: when you have to wash your wig, remember to take these with you.

Curling iron/Straightener: get yourself some of these heat tools and apply them to your hair by your need. But, when you need to carry your wig by the airline, please check with airport policy to make sure.

4. Travel with Wigs by Using Wig Case

ideally, I would suggest you pack your wig in a secure way so that the wig head and lace front can be secured on a wig head. A sturdy box or travel case that could hold a wig head would able to anti the crush and keep the wig stay in shape. If you’re on a road trip, carrying one or two wigs with wig heads might be a capable option. When it comes to flying trips, you might be wondering how to store more wig heads in your suitcase.

inside pic of medium wig case
Medium Wig Case has a Head Shape Stand inside to Maintain the Wig Shape

A medium-size wig case can solve that, with the wig head and adjustable string inside, you can perfectly set your wig separately and safely.

Travel Bag

For hair extensions, first, using a hairnet to cover the extensions, you could choose an extension sorting bag to put in a box, or better, in a small size wig case. The reason why I recommend storing the wig and hair extension in a case or box is that, with a case, the hair extensions won’t have any damage. When you get them out, you could use less effort on restyling them from out of shape.

5. Take Wig Travel Cases as You Want

Wignest® wig travel cases are designed like lady purses. With its exquisite appearance, it looks like a normal cosmetic or jewelry box, which perfectly keeps your beauty secret. It can also be used as a normal storage box for toiletries, jewelry, and belongings, with a hand strap on it, you could take it anywhere. The handleable size is perfect to save more room and fit in your luggage.

trvel with wigs and hairextensions
Medium Size Case

6. Wash Wigs or Hair Extensions on Trip

Traveling with your wig or hair extensions sometimes can be a challenge, as they might get hurt from heat, sun, humidity, and ocean waves. Although I don’t recommend wash wigs while traveling, sometimes it’s unavoidable. Please make sure you wash and dry the hair set totally, then you can put it into the wig travel case again.

I hope these Wig Travel Guide tips helped you. I would be more than delighted to know if you would like to share more great ideas for traveling with wigs!

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