How to Take Care of Your Human Hair Extensions

This blog post contains a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to properly care your 100% human hair extensions. These tips will help you prolong the life of your extensions while keeping them in pristine condition. 

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Human hair extensions have to go through in-depth procedures before they get to you. This means they have had a loving process of gentle colouring, organizing, cleaning, and conditioning. This is why we need to give them the utmost love and care to keep them at the best they can be – Because they’ve been on quite a journey already! We aim to keep you and your hair in a happy healthy condition, so here’s how to maintain health, shine, strength, and longevity in your human hair extensions.

After having your extensions applied by a professional, we recommend no hair washing for 48 hours. We also recommend for the first 2 weeks, avoiding tying the hair tight or high on the head. Loose and low is ideal during this period.


Daily Hair Care 

  • To detangle the knots use a soft bristle hair extension brush.
  • Brush through the ends first and work your way upwards. This helps avoid knots, keeps your strands separate, and reduces breakage.
  • Never brush hair while it is wet – it is at its weakest, use a wide-toothed comb and conditioner instead.
  • Professional quality, lightweight detangling sprays, are great for tackling daily tangles. Spritz mid-lengths to ends and comb through.
  • Professional quality, lightweight hair oil, is great for smoothing flyaways frizz, and static. Use a pea-sized amount on mid-lengths to ends.
  • Lightweight serums and sprays can be used wet and dry.
  • A bit of shedding is common. Especially directly after application.

Conditioning your hair extensions

  • Conditioning your extensions is very important to keep your hair smooth, shiny, protected and detangled. This should always follow shampooing. Always use a professional-quality conditioner.
  • We recommend a conditioner for adding moisture to the hair. Once the shampoo is rinsed out, use a good amount to coat all your extension lengths in the conditioner.
  • Separate your hair into sections (starting underneath – clip the top away) to make it more manageable.
  • Smooth conditioner over hair extension but avoid the attachments at the root.
  • Use a wide-toothed comb working from the ends upwards to ease out any tangles. Work your way through the extension sections. Once all the extensions are coated focus on your natural hair + comb through the conditioner.
  • Once all smoothed through, rinse out with water.
  • When you have washed your hair blot your extensions with a towel rather than scrubbing. This will keep the hair from matting. Or wrap it up and let the towel do the drying work for you.


  • Always use a professional grade heat protection when heat styling your hair for longer-lasting conditions.
  • So grab your soft-bristle extension brush, this is for use on your attachments at the root.
  • Section your hair so it’s manageable to dry, and on a low-heat setting dry your attachments by running the brush over them.
  • If you experience a matting ensure attachments are separate by using fingers to tease them apart if needed. Work through all the bonds thoroughly.
  • Then work through your lengths… at this point, you can switch to a preferred styling brush – just remember to avoid the root attachments if it isn’t an extension brush.


  • Exercise, Swimming and holidays – they can affect your extensions, so be aware of your activities.
  • Sweating between attachments could cause matting, so like when you have washed your hair, make sure you have brushed through the attachments to keep them separate after exercise.
  • Chlorinated water contains chemicals we advise you not to get on your hair, so if you swimming – keep your hair as dry as possible.
  • If you do get it in chlorinated water, use a professional-quality deep clarifying shampoo, followed by a moisturising shampoo, followed by a treatment.
  • UV rays from the sun can be damaging to hair, so we advise treating the hair with a professional UV protectant hair product if you are exposed to a lot of natural sunlight.
  • Finally, sunscreens. Do not get these on your extensions. Some contain chemicals that can actually change hair colour.

Sleeping with Your Human Hair extensions

  • If you have a more permanent fixture and sleep with your human hair extensions in, brush your hair, and wear in a low braid to bed. This helps to keep your hair smooth and detangled avoiding abrasion and damage whilst sleeping.
  • NEVER go to bed with wet hair extensions. If your extensions are temporary, (clips) always remove them before sleeping.

Colouring Your Hair extensions

  • Our Remy human hair extensions can be treated just like your own natural hair. They can safely be dyed or toned. Still, colour can surely damage your extensions. Not only that but colour takes differently to different textures of hair. and yours may grab differently to your extensions.
  • The best option is to achieve your ideal colour prior to applying for the extensions and matching them up.
  • If you do want to try to colour them we advise you to speak to a professional hairstylist, experienced in colouring extensions. The same goes for toner shampoos like silver shampoo.


  • Again a professional heat protection product is always important when styling.
  • Direct heat from tongues wands irons and curlers need a good distribution of heat protection products.
  • Always avoid your attachments with your heated tools and work 1″ below them.
  • We recommend styling with 180c/ 350f heat setting or below.

Hair Care-Treating

  • Similar to conditioning, hair treatments help keep your hair smooth, shiny, protected and restored. A treatment penetrates deeper into the hair than conditioner, rebuilds, strengthens and repairs hair. We recommend treating the hair every 4th wash. This will prolong the strength of the hair. Give your hair extensions more longevity.
  • Follow the steps in the conditioning guide with your hair treatment, but leave the treatment to soak in for 5-20 minutes before rinsing away.


  • Washing your extensions should always be done with a professional quality shampoo.
  • When washing, handle the extensions gently. Don’t over-lather.
  • Wet the hair thoroughly. Separate sections through the underneath where your attachments are and gently shake shampoo between and pull through the lengths of your extensions.
  • Focus mainly on removing grease build up near the scalp.
  • Repeat this step if the hair is particularly dirty. Remember not to over scrub, bonds can matte and our aim is to keep them separate.

Maintenance of Your Human Hair Extensions

  • Human hair is well. Over time it will need a cut, and check-ins with conditioner and we recommend you go to an experienced hair extension stylist for trims and further advice on caring for and maintaining your hair!
  • Application and removal of fixtures other than clip-ins should ALWAYS be performed by a professionally qualified hair extension stylist.
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