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How to store wigs?

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No matter whether you are wearing wigs as hair solutions or you are a hair extensions lover like me, knowing how to store your wig is important. It can be tough to figure out the proper way to store them when you have a large number of wigs or hair sets. Stored Wigs properly can not only extend the lifetime of your hair set but also keep them in the perfect state so that you have your best performance.
Usually, professional salons will store wigs with wig heads, but how to store them without wig heads? No worries, Hair& Wig storage case is here to solve all that problem.

Easy to storage

To keep your wig perfectly styled, make sure your hair sets are cleaned, brushed, and place a hairnet over your wig for the minimum effort before putting your hair set into the wig case. It will make things much easier for you when you next get it out to wear next time. With the net inside the wig case, your hair sets would be perfectly protected. Besides the wig case only need a small room to keep.

Keep your hair extensions & wigs in a good condition

The wig case is made of EVA material which means they are sustainable and strong. No hair sets deformation would be caused. You can place the wig case anywhere without considering the shape hair sets will become.

Give you more private

Hair extensions& wig cases are designed like lady purses. With its exquisite appearance, it looks like a normal cosmetic or jewelry box, which perfectly keeps your beauty secret. It can also be used as a normal storage box for toiletries, jewelry, and belongings.

The Best Way To Store Wigs When Travelling

Travel Bag
When you decide to travel with wigs, you want to make sure they remain clean and undamaged. This hair purse will prevent your hair sets from being squeezed inside your luggage with the solid cover, the wig case can fit comfortably in your luggage. The shoulder band and leather strap promise you can bring them everywhere. This wig case is meant for the best hair sets storage. Keeping a good condition of your hair extensions and wigs will give you massive convenience and money safe. And don’t forget to clean your hair set properly, your wig will love you back if you take them lots of care.

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