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As the beauty industry and self-care awareness grow, Hair extensions, hair weaves, and wigs are a big part of our lives. We all know that wigs and hair extensions are expensive. We want to keep our hair sets in good condition, but we need something to store them nicely. This is where WigCase comes in.


Our design

Wignest® Wig Case has been made to provide you with a solution for this problem. Wigcases are made of supreme quality, crush-resistant, anti-shock, water-resistant material. Which is convenient to store and protect your hair extensions from dust and tangling.

We add some interesting fashion design on each patten, with a zipper enclosure. Inner Pocket secures hair set from movement, leather hand strap which is easy to carry. They are ultra-portable and durable, lightweight, and handhold size. They can also be put in a backpack, Hand Case, or Computer Bag… Other than that, the shape of our cases is solid that you could bring it anywhere without worrying about your hair sets out of shape. So when it comes to occasions you need to refresh your hairstyle look, you’ll be prepared for every situation.

The interior is divided into two compartments. One compartment has slots for storing your hair extensions while the other one is designed to be used for storing accessories like combs, clips, etc.

Travel Bag

For different hair sets, we got different solutions, small size hair cases for hair extensions; for wigs and hair toppers, we got the medium size for you. There is a head shape stand to ensure your wigs and toppers are in shape. With these straps, it’s easy for you to tighten the suitable fit for hair.

inside pic of medium wig case

Further cooperate

All our product are designed with some cute sparkle ideas, except being a retailer, we also looking forward to having further cooperate in POD hair case with KOL or wholesale business.

We pay attention to every feedback from customers. Any inquiries or suggestions, please email to wigcase@gmail.com instantly.

100% Remy Human Hair Extensions

Handmade 100% Afro Kinky Human Hair Extensions

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