7 Fantastic Wig Storage Ideas that You Might Need

In this blog, I collect some useful ideas for wig storage ideas (also suitable for hair extensions). Hope this will help you.

2 things you need to know before storing wigs 

1. Clean your wig if you have worn it multiple times, make sure to clean it thoroughly but gently. Gently wash your wig with cool water and then pat dry with a soft towel.

2. Follow the proper wig care instructions to use shampoo and conditioner. Make sure your wig is completely dry before storing it.

Display wig storage

1. Store your wig on a wig head

This is the most common way to keep your wigs ready to wear at any time. Walk into every wig store or salon, and you can see the wig heads collection.

The best thing about a wig headstand is that you can put your wig on the top of the head wig head with just one hand. No need to worry about the hair would be falling off or out of shape so that your wigs are always kept in a good position. The shape of the wig head could perfectly maintain the wig top shape and lace front edge, even baby hair. I recommend always lightly dusting wigs with a feather duster to keep them clean and detangle.

2. DIY a wig wall

A good display wig wall is perfect for cosplayers or someone who got large amount wig collections. You can just choose the wig you need without difficult searching.

This brilliant idea is from@chelseysmithcosmetics on TikTok.

stick a 3m hooker on wall
stick a form ball on it
place the wig on top

You can organize to stick a 3m sticker on the wall and secure a styrofoam ball onto it. 

In this way, you can organize your wigs by color, style, and length. You could customize your own wig collection wall.

3. hang your wig within a silk or transparent bag

After cleaning and drying your wigs, put them into a silk bag with a hanger that can make wigs or hair extensions maintain their smoothness and cleanness. The only thing about it is you need open it to confirm what kind of wig is in it. So you could also choose a transparent wig bag. It will be more convenient for you to look through. When you need to use the wig again, just take it off and shake the wig in your hand to loosen it up with a simple brush. 

put your wig in wig bag

4. wig storage with shoe organizer

Another great idea is to store your wigs by placing them on a shoe organizer. This kind of shoe organizer has a hanger that can be hooked on the back of the door, which is a great space saver. If you can hang this on your wardrobe will be even better, now you have a walk-in wig storage wall!

Collection Type of Wig Storage

of course, in some circumstances, we might not need to change wigs frequently, some hair sets may be used only several times a year. You would not want to throw them away or make a big room to store them. So here are some tips for wig storage.

1. Store your wig in a wig container

Broadly, a wig container is to keep the wig clean while it is not in use.  So, anything that is easy for you to get, can be used as a wig/ hair extensions container. If you want to make sure your hair sets don’t get any crush, better use sturdy cases like Shoebox, Tupperware container, or can even.

2. DIY wig storage file folder

this is another brilliant idea from @imeriacosplay on Twitter.

She used some spare zipper file folders to hold some extra wefts, wig styling tools, wig stands, wig caps, and wig bags. With the tag outside, it will be easy to store and select wigs by need. The outcome seems so tidy and epic.

3. Store your wig in a wig case and label the tag

For me, I would definitely suggest using Wignest® wig case to store your wigs or hair extensions.

They got 2 options on size:small size is perfect for hair extensions, accessories, and hair tools. medium size has a wig head base in it, with adjustable ropes that could almost secure all kinds of wigs. No dust or damage will occur when you zip it up. You can use the hand strap to the drop tag to mark out a specific wig.

inside pic of medium wig case
medium wig case has a head shape stand inside to maintain the wig shape

More than that, when it comes to traveling with wigs. This hair purse will prevent your hair sets from being squeezed inside your luggage with a solid cover. Handleable ensures it only needs a small space to fit in your luggage. The leather strap promise you can bring them everywhere. 


I really wish this blog helps you somehow with wig or hair extensions storage. What do you think is the best way to store a wig? Please share your ideas with me by leaving a comment.

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